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I love me some Red Circle characters!  Now with this book we have them all in one.  Putting all of them together to expose them to the DC universe may actually have been the way to launch them into the DC universe.  The Red Circle launch by JMS last year followed by a Team mini such as this would have been better.  The Editors would have seen which one of these characters people liked and then they could have taken them into individual series or mini's. Then follow that with an ongoing Crusaders book.  But that is my less than expert opinion.  This book is written by the very capable Eric Trautman and scripted by the excellent Brandon Jerwa and they make an excellent team.  The story sets the stage for mini and gives us some good action.  Julian Lopez's art fits the story well.  He is able to handle the team look and keep the panels clear and clean.  My only complaint is that it is 32 pages for $3.99.  The thicker cover that resists fingerprints ect.  does compensate for the price a bit but still not enough to settle my inner voice that screams out agains this price increase. Such is life.  4.5 out of 5 for great story and some good art.   Last words: I loved the Shield and it will be great to see more of him and the now former General Latham.  They are heading the team and rightly so.

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