The Mighty Avengers #9

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #9 - The Venom Bomb, Pt. 3 released by Marvel on April 1, 2008.

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    DOCTOR DOOM!! The Avengers invade Latveria to take down Doctor Doom for his chemical attack on America. Only maybe it wasn't Doom exactly. It’s wall-to-wall mayhem as Mark Bagley joins Avengers writer Bendis in this globe–trotting spectacle filled with hints about next year’s SECRET INVASION!

    In 1211, Dr. Doom pays another visit to Morgan Le Fey. It seems he has visited her several times and even tells her that she "entices" him. She tells him that the next time he comes she wants something from the future. He tells her that could damage the timestream. She tells him to bring a gift or not to come back.

    Arriving in Castle Doom in the present, he discovers that they are on red alert. His scientists inform him that there was a problem with one of their satellites and the Venom Virus was launched on New York. They are about to be attacked by American heroes. Doom is not happy.

    The Mighty Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. are en route with a full scale attack. Doom launches a counterattack before they get there. Iron Man asks Ares what his battle plan is. Turns out it is to fly the quinjet straight into the castle. Doombots attack as the citizens of Latveria scatter. What follows is a long scene of havoc and destruction.

    Iron Man eventually makes his way into the castle. He tells him as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. he is placing him under arrest for crimes against mankind. Doom tells him he does not recognize his authority. They begin a standoff. Both have their armor working against each other. Doom then sets to use magic against Stark's technology. Doom tells him that he has learned so much since they last fought. Things don't look too good for Iron Man as his armor's resources are nearing depletion.

    Sentry flies straight at Doom and knocks him back and through the floor. Both Doom and Iron Man's armors require a reboot. They land in Doom's lab on top of the time platform. There is a space-time fluctuation detected. Doom begins yelling at them for the fools that they are. With the room lighting up, Sentry attempts to grab Iron Man's arm, telling him they should get out of there. There is a large explosion and the three are gone.

    Ms. Marvel recognizes that in the center of the explosion is the remains of Doom's time platform. It seems they may be lost in time.

    Iron Man comes to on top of a city building. His armor has rebooted but cannot find any internet or satellite connections. Doom appears behind him, not to happy and vows that he will pay for this.


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