The Mighty Avengers #8

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #8 - The Venom Bomb, Pt. 2 released by Marvel on April 1, 2008.

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    It’s the Mighty Avengers versus the New Avengers who have been overtaken by a symbiote virus. So, yeah, it’s Avengers versus Avengers symbiotes!! Janet gets new powers!! And the Mighty Avengers declare war on a foreign country!! All this and Mark Bagley too!!

    Flashback to the day before. Janet is thinking about designing matching uniforms for the team. Hank pays her a visit and gives her a new formula so she can either shrink or grow to "giant" size.

    Now. In Manhattan, the Mighty Avengers find themselves surrounded by a city of symbiote-infested people. They are attacked and Janet quickly shows off her new growing powers. The attackers are biting and she becomes infected. Spider-Woman is next.

    Iron Man orders them all to leave so they're not infected too. Wonder Man says his blood is ionic so he's safe. Ares is a god. Sentry is surprised he's okay. So is Ms. Marvel.

    Iron Man calls S.H.I.E.L.D. and orders the entire island of Manhattan to be secured. He tells the Avengers not to engage with the attackers because they are New Yorkers and shouldn't be hurt. Then he takes off, leaving them to try to prevent the infected from hurting themselves or causing too much damage.

    Soon they are surprised to find Luke Cage trying to help them. The rest of the "new" Avengers aren't doing so well, they're infected too.

    Iron Man searches records of everyone that has hosted a symbiote (including Ben Reilly!). He tries finding out how to stop the virus and has to go to the Baxter Building for more info. He finally finds an antidote as he questions the going-ons of all the recent events. Everyone is cured.

    The "new" Avengers immediately try to help the confused New Yorkers get their bearings. Iron Man is surprised to see Clint wearing the Ronin costume. He asks him what he's doing with them. Clint tells Tony that he's thought a lot about their talk. He says it was Tony that killed Captain America and continues helping people.

    Iron Man's armor then tells him it's detected the trajectory of the virus and takes off again. Wonder Man wonders what they're supposed to do now. Technically they should be arresting the "new" Avengers. Carol thinks over it and orders her team to different areas to help out.

    In space, Iron Man discovers that the virus came from a Latverian engineer under the employ of Dr. Doom.

    Next stop, Latveria!


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    Does 'the Man' have a moment of clarity here? 0

    Great art as usual plus I'm beginning to think that the story of forgiveness and redemption which is surely following the Civil War will be far more interesting in terms of personal loyalties and private soul searching than the main event ever could have been.You'd be forgiven yourself for missing some of the gentle realisations that must surely be dawning on Tony Stark during this issue amidst all the action (Go giant Wasp...Uh-Oh Giant Wasp just turned into giant carnage..bummer). Not only do...

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