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    Review: Mighty Avengers #36

    The Wasp handles some absurd family drama in Pym space with the new Ultron Pym and a billion duplicate Jocastas. 
    THE GOOD  
    The Oedipal drama inherent in the Pym "family" has been explored in depth over the decades, but Slott finds an interesting angle on it by making Jocasta sweet on her "grandfather" and integrating Pym's status as "scientist supreme" into this. The scene where he officiates a robot wedding was particularly clever. Though I had some issue's with Pham's art, I'm always a sucker for Marvel's abstract starfield characters and I really liked the way he and the colorist, John Rauch, rendered the "infinite" Janet Van Dyne.

    THE BAD 
    While Pham's storytelling was good, I wasn't feeling his rendering, in general. The characters seemed a little under-detailed and the approach to shadow/crosshatching seemed a little haphazard - - too scratchy. I don't know if that's more of an issue with the inkers. I'm not sure if it's just the lame new costume design or just the rendering of him, but I didn't like how Quicksilver looked, here. Also, while the end gag with the appearance of "every single Avenger"  was a fitting way to end the series, I had trouble buying that Ultron Pym could be fooled, and give up so easily, over such a simple ruse. I'd imagine that an evil robot would be able to sense holograms, especially the second time around.

    Fans of Hank Pym will dig this issue, which gives the new Wasp a spotlight and an inventive way to showcase his talents. However, this isn't quite as a sharp when put In comparison to a lot the other Siege tie-ins coming out this week.

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