The Mighty Avengers #35

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #35 - Heir Apparent released by Marvel on May 1, 2010.

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    SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! THE AVENGERS' GREATEST THREAT RETURNS! AND HE'S NOT ALONE... A rag-tag team of Mighty Avengers are thrust onto the front lines of SIEGE...with no one to lead them! And where's HANK PYM? Trapped in Pym-Space with his greatest enemy, his sinister cybernetic "son", ULTRON! A war on two fronts, a team divided, and when it's over...not everyone will be coming back! Big threats, big changes, and the biggest Avengers surprise of them all revealed!


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    Ultron and his Brides 0

     I've been reading Dan Slott's b-list Avengers book on and off in the past but I jumped on this issue because of the Ultron cover. I love me some Ultron stories, no matter how overdone they are. So things aren't looking too good for the Mighty Avengers, as the team (Pym, Amadeus Cho, Quicksilver, Stature, Vision II, USAgent) disbanded following the death of Hercules. Hank Pym now finds himself on his own in the Infinite Mansion, where he turns down Captain America's call to arms (this is a Siege...

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