The Mighty Avengers #32

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #32 - The Real Deal released by Marvel on February 1, 2010.

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    "The Coming Darkness..." The throwdown you've been waiting for -- and that Loki, God of Mischeif -- has been scheming towards: THE MIGHTY AVENGERS versus THE DARK AVENGERS! Hank Pym's team has tried their best to be a shining light in the world of Dark Reign but this might be theat light gets snuffed out! Special appearence by the MIGHTY THOR!

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    The Mighty Avengers are in Attilan with the Inhumans. Crystal is giving Quicksilver a medallion as a symbol of his return to the Royal Family and what he had done for the Inhumans by defeating Devos the Devastator and returning the terrigen crystals. Quicksilver is embarrassed because he lied to them saying that it was a skrull who had stolen the crystals, but he says he is honored. Only his daughter Luna knows the truth because of her powers, and she isn't happy with him. Quicksilver thinks to himself that he really is a liar - he had lost his daughter respect, his ex-wife got married again and the only reason he is with Pym's Avengers is to find his sister.

    The Avengers left through one of Infinite Avengers Mansion's magic doors. Before Hank Pym leaves, Karnak calls him and tells that he has changed since their last meeting and now he isn't full of weakness like then. A small fly enters the door together with Pym.

    Inside the Mansion U.S.Agent congrats Pym on the improvements he had done at the doors. Vision and Stature are sad because the Young Avengers didn't await for them, and Jarvis and Jocasta warn everyone about new dangers they have to fight. Cho and Herc talk about how they never have a break at this team.

    GNN NEWS - Hank Pym's Avengers have arrested Zzzax in New Dehli, stopped Dansen Macabre's plan of destroying Paris and defeated Terminus in Pisa. At Avengers's Tower in New York Norman Osborn is watching the news and isn't very happy. Loki is watching Osborn's screams from Asgard and starts his new trick. Loki uses his powers to release Absorbing Man from Pegasus Project facilities.

    Back at Avengers Tower Osborn had called his secret caballa but no one shows up. Only Loki arrives then and says to Norman he has a plan to defeat Pym and his Avengers. Victoria Hand says the Absorbing Man is free and then Osborn calls the press and his Avengers!

    At Infinite Avengers Mansion U.S.Agent is testing his new shield made by Pym while Cho defeats Vision at chess and Herc defeats Stature in arm wrestling. Quicksilver is running through the Mansion looking for the Scarlet Witch and Jocasta tells him that the Mansion really is Infinite and he would get lost. Then she says his sister is back at the main room with the other Avengers. When Quicksilver runs away that same small fly is above Jocasta.

    The Scarlet Witch tries to warn everyone about a new mission but no one wants to hear her. Hank Pym tells Cho to put his Ant-Man's Helmet and read Scarlet Witch's magic in order to check who she really is. Then Pym decides to do what Scarlet Witch had said and they all go to another job. Quicksilver arrives and still thinks that Scarlet Witch is his real sister.

    Outside Pegasus Project Complex Norman Osborn and his Avengers (Bullseye, Daken, Sentry, Venom and Moonstone) are talking to the press when Pym's Avengers arrives. Osborn realizes it is something linked with Loki. Hercules asks what is going on there but Moonstone doens't want to say. Then Cho breaks into HAMMER's computers and tells Pym they are fighting agains Absorbing Man and that the Pegasus Project has a fragment of the Cosmic Cube, at the same time the villain finds it.

    The Absorbing Man absorbes the Cube and now can change reallity.

    Norman Osborn and Hank Pym yeals at same time: Avengers Assemble


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