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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! As the epic battle with The Unspoken threatens all of earth, the team-up you've ben waiting for finally happens of the Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, Young Avengers, and the Avengers Initiative unite to fight a foe that no single hero could withstand! How can we fit so many avengers in one issue? Against the most powerful Inhuman of all, with the greatest weapon in history, do they have a choice? All that, plus a special appearence by the Dark Avengers.

The comics begins where Hank Pym connected to Jocasta and is now trying out new tech. He ends up in the Macroverse breaking the tether to Jocasta. She becomes upset and alerts Jarvis that they have become separated. He suggests that she contact Reed Richards for help. Hank Pym is confronted by Oblivion and meanwhile the Mighty Avengers and the People's Defense Force is doing battle with the Unspoken. The Avengers teams come together collectively to go off and help the Mighty Avengers defeat this threat. Elsewhere, Hank Pym becomes the Scientist Supreme at the request of Oblivion. Pym is suprised because he thought Reed and Stark were the better scientists but Oblivion explains it too him and he accepts. He later returns to join the fight at the comic's conclusion.

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