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    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #15 - [untitled] released by Marvel on August 2008.

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    WHATEVER HAPPENED TO-----? Rewinding the clock to Avengers Dissassembled we reveal how one of the main players in SECRET INVASION was replaced by a Skrull and what the fallout has been. A major SECRET INVASION chapter is here! Oh, but you want to know exactly who we're talking about right? Spoilers, dude!

    This issue centers itself around one of main keys in the Invasion: Henry Pym and how was he replaced.

    Spoiler Warning

    The issue begins with Hank giving a lecture on "Advanced Genetic Analysis" in the Sheldonian Theatre. We jump to after his speech were he allows the many students watching to ask him questions. One asks does Hank think that his adventures with the Avengers have changed the "course of [his] research". He explains that he does think it did, and that anything can change everything, as tells the audience a story about Reed Richards, and when he once got an idea for a one of his biggest success from watching his son (Franklin Richards) play with building blocks, and he continues to talk about how the smallest things can affect their work. He does this while staring at a blonde girl in the audience, who raises her hand next and asks why did the Avengers break up, to which he smiles slightly and tells her that in his mind, they're just taking a break, and if they are needed he believes they will return. The two then stare at each other.

    In his office at home (we presume), Hank types away on a computer, and then here's a door crash behind him. It's Wasp, Janet, and she tells him she's home, and he tells here that he's "in here". She states that he's still up, and she tells him that she forgot where they lived, and he replies sarcastically, to which she says that they've only lived there a month, and he asks her, obviously angry, where she was, and she explains that she was with Tom Ford, a friend who she had dinner with, and Tom brought friends and they talked business, and then Hank points out to us that she is drunk. She replies telling him she was out, and that she had a good time and she's sorry she has friends, and that she has to "shmooze a little" to get the business back up and running, while she enters the bathroom. Hank asks her, well more demanded her to go to bed, and she shouts back, carrying a tooth brush and now in her under garments, that he was the one who wanted to move to England, and he repeats his earlier comment, adding that she is drunk, and then Janet pops her head around the door saying that she could have kissed someone, but she didn't. Hank raises her voice, and tells her to go to bed, and she slams the door, questioning herself on why she didn't stay in New York, and after she leaves, Hank quietly asks "Why didn't you?"

    Next morning, and it appears that Hank fell asleep at his desk, as he wakes up in his chair. He calls for Janet, and walks to the bedroom to she that the bed is empty, and then he moves onto the closet, to see that all of Janet's clothes are gone. He walks into the bathroom to see a not taped to the mirror, saying bye, to which Hank remarks "Classy."

    Next, and we jump to Hank in bed with the blonde student from his lecture before (the one who was staring at him). She asks can she ask him sothing, and he tells her to go ahead, and she asks "Aren't you married?", to which he replies that now she asks (presumably because they're in bed, naked, together, I think its safe to assume that they slept together). She explains that she knows that he's married, but why did he sleep with her if he is. He explains that he's seperated, and then they talk about that. She then tells him that he's the oldest guy she's slept with, and Hank takes offence, telling her that he's not old, she then comforts him saying it wasn't an insult. He asks does she have a roommate, which she tells him no while putting on a t-shirt that's to big for her, and then he asks does she have the internet, and she replies affirmative. He then goes to tell her that she can't tell anyone, but before he can finish, she tells him that she won't. She tells him that her mother would die if she saw her "canoodling" with anyone, and he appriciates that. She then claims that he'll probably be going back to America, and he asks why she'd think that, and she shows him the laptop displaying a picture and article about the New Avengers, but he explains that they have nothing to do with him, as it was another life, and he intends to work on his research there in England. She confirms this by asking if he's staying to which he replies yes, and he asks her out to dinner, and she accepts, excited as she has a "billion questions".

    The next page shows the two doing various things together, eating out at a restaurant, the two in a kitchen and Hank making coffee, the two taking a stroll, the two coming out of a shop and then in a bar, and she is asking a different question in every different situation. The last panel of this page then shows her asking about the Kree-Skrull war, and then we see that the two are sitting on a bed, her naked and Hank in his underwear, Hank also with a tub of ice cream, the two with spoons, and Hank going to feed her. He tells her that's going back, and she asks if it was real, to which he replies yes. She tells him that her brother constantly visits conspiracy websites and stuff, and Hank then tells her that from his experience, most conspiracies are true. He then tells her about the Kree, and about that they're noble, and that "we" will most probably be like them in ten thousand years. He asks if she knows who Captain Marvel is, and continues on telling her that he's a Kree, and then she asks about Skrulls. He says its going to bother her, but he tells her that they're shapeshifters.


    • Cover is an homage to Avengers #213, November, 1981.


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    Mighty Avengers 15 0

    Unlike the issues that precede and succeed this, MA 15 has a really rewarding, well written background story involving Hank Pym.  And a large part of the success is down to the visual storytelling of John Romita Jnr, an artist that I'm not always that keen on, but who is outstanding in this issue.  On the first pages, we have a couple of panels with dialogue free art whilst Hank and the young blonde student hanging on his every word exchange knowing glances.  A couple of pages later, there's ano...

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    Mighty Avengers 15 0

    The writer should have done his research. Hank and Jan has never re-married after the slap incident. They have reconcialed a couple of times and that is it. Now for not doing his resaerch or even the editor, a million of new readers are mis-informed. What a shame....I do however like the whole Secret Invasion idea and story thus far. Hank character is a little too sob for my liking. I enjoyed him best in before the whole slap incident. He seams to unsure about anything now a days. Don't get me s...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

    Skrull business (mild spoilers) 0

    Another solid SI tie-in provides us with another interesting piece of the invasion jigsaw puzzle. Hank Pym was always going to be an easy target for the Skrulls. Their infiltration of his life is a walk in the park and makes sense despite their own momentary reservations about his usefulness. The basic strength of this issue is the clever and entertaining dialogue between Pym and the Skrull assigned to take him down. Like an arrogant jerk, Pym falls into a honey trap and doesn't see his downfall...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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