The Mighty Avengers #14

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #14 - [untitled] released by Marvel on August 1, 2008.

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    Who is the target of the next Skrull outing? The hunt for the wrinkly chinned space invaders continues and Sentry may be next on the list.

    A continuing enigma to the Marvel Universe, Sentry’s fragile mental state makes him a ticking time bomb, leaving everyone around him in constant danger. In the Sentry’s darkest hour, one could only expect an appearance from his arch-nemesis, The Void…but how does this tie into the Skrull invasion?

    Years ago the Sentry is flying over New York when he comes across a robbery in progress. To his surprise and dismay, he finds that the Void is leading a bunch of thugs in the crime. The men start shooting at him as Sentry lifts a taxi cab over his head to throw at the Void when they are all distracted by a bright light in the sky. Sentry recognizes that the ship flying by is not human and leaves the Void to investigate.

    The ship is heading straight towards Manhattan. More specifically it's heading straight for the Baxter Building. Sentry gets in front of it and notices the green-skinned aliens on board. He manages to stop the ship and pull it back out into space. He rips open the hull to ask them what they are after. The aliens appear to be meditating when the entire ship explodes. Sentry comes to inside the Baxter Building. Reed Richards tells him they caught him after the explosion and brought him there. Reed tells him that those were Skrulls out to get them.

    Some months ago at the Avengers Tower, the "New" Avengers are enjoying some refreshments after an apparently successful mission. "Jarvis" approaches Tony Stark and asks for permission to access Sentry's file. He says that after the Scarlet Witch had her break down, he felt he could have done something before. He just wants to be sure if there's anything he should know that could help him serve them better. Tony tells him that Wanda's break down wasn't his fault and he has complete access to the files whenever he wants them.

    Later, "Jarvis" meets with the Empress and some other Skrulls that are preparing to do their infiltration. He tells them that their best bet with Sentry to leave him be. He's so unstable that he's about to lose it any time now. He also mentions that they don't know his full potential so getting too close could be dangerous as they don't know if he'll be able to detect them. They figure the perfect targets to get close to him would be either his wife or his therapist. It seems that they're going to go with his therapist. "Jarvis" then mentions the Void. He tells them that all they need to do is shape-change into the Void to further rattle his sanity. They just need to say that it's all his fault and the only way to stop everything is to throw himself into the sun.

    In the present, in the Savage Land, the battle is underway with the heroes/Skrulls that emerged out of the wrecked spaceship. The Skrull posing as Vision tells Sentry that he's the Void and it's all his fault. Sentry loses it, starts crying again and flies out into space. He curls up into a little ball and embraces the darkness.

    In Times Square, the Young Avengers are trying to fend off the attacking Skrulls. In the Avengers Tower, Lindy Reynolds is awaken by the Cloc. It tells her that they are under attack. Her room is smashed open and a Super-Skrull stands before her. It speaks to her in an alien language. She asks it if it knows who her husband is and where they're at. She says that her husband will kill him if he even touches her. A figure zooms in and starts fighting the Skrull. Lindy can't see who it is but finally the Skrull is taken care of. She asks the person who they are and surprised to see her husband covered in darkness. It tells her that Bob couldn't handle things and ran away. She's safe now that he's there. It reaches to embrace her and Lindy, trying to fight back the tears, has no choice but to allow it.


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    Mighty Avengers 14 0

    Unlike the Mask, I'm quite a big fan of the Sentry and am always keen to read about his trying to maintain a superhero existence whilst dealing with his serious mental health issues.  Early on we learn from the Void that he is schizophrenic and agoraphobic.  Those are big issues to come to terms with, particularly when you are as powerful as Bob Reynolds.  A key moment occurs in this issue when Skrull Jarvis reveals to his comrades that Iron Man keeps his close not because of his powers but beca...

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    Damn Nick Fury Always Disappearing! 0

    After the brilliance of the last two issues, I am very disappointed with this issue. Nick Fury was the bomb in the previous chapters...Sentry is better in small doses...a full on focus on him is boring and stale. This issue is a closer look at the Skrull's plans to take out Sentry...because he is the major overpowered, mentally unstable, hero/villain of Tony Stark. While I did like reading the Skrull Jarvis's speech to the Skrull just wasn't enough to give it a higher rating. The art...

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