The Mighty Avengers #13

    The Mighty Avengers » The Mighty Avengers #13 - [untitled] released by Marvel on July 1, 2008.

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    Where has Nick Fury been and who are the new Howling Commandos? It’s the debut of all-new characters and some surprising revelations about some classic ones as Nick starts to put his plan to stop the Invasion together. But will it be enough?

    The Eisner award-winning team of Bendis and Maleev bring this very important Secret Invasion issue to life.

    Six months ago in Oregon, Daisy Johnson is approached by a man that looks a bit like Samuel L. Jackson, but wearing an eye patch. She mentions that he reminds her of Nick Fury, who used to run S.H.I.E.L.D. She mentions how he had once come to here and asked if she wanted to save the world in his "Secret War." That cost him his job and she was forced into mandatory S.H.I.E.L.D. retirement. Nick tells her that he got her from, what he called, his Caterpillar Files. Those are files he keeps on kids that have the potential to become something big. No one else in the government knows about those files. He tells Daisy that he wants her to help gather the other Caterpillars. She asks why he needs this team. Nick replies that it's because no one knows them. They can be trusted. Daisy agrees.

    First stop is the Bronx. Daisy finds Alexander, Ares, the God of War's son. She finds him "scaring the holy hell" out of some bullies just by looking at them. She refers to him as Phobos, God of Fear. She says he has the power of a god in the body of a ten year old. Alexander seems enlightened by this.

    In Puerto Rico, a street thug grabs the purse of a young lady. She runs after him and suddenly finds she has ran past him and ended up in another part of Puerto Rico. Just as suddenly, she is pulled back like a ricochet. Standing there waiting, Daisy greets Yo Yo Rodriguez. Her father was the Griffin. Yo Yo asks Daisy if that means she's a mutant and Daisy says no. She can take her to someone that can help her.

    In Atlanta, Georgia, at a convenience store, Daisy watches as a punk steals some stuff and the clerk simply sits back. She asks him why he let the guy steal stuff. He says she did too. He says what he's paid isn't worth risking his life. She mentions the fact that he has powers. Surprised she knew, J.T. Slade takes her out back to show her what he can do. He was out at a club with a girl and her brother came at him with a chain. He caught it out of reflex and somehow charged it up in flames. He asks Daisy if she saw him do it. She tells him no but that he's the grandson of the original Ghost Rider (Phantom Rider). After asking if she's from Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D. he agrees to go with her, more in the hopes of making some money.

    Later she visits X-Factor Investigations in search of Layla Miller. Layla knew she was coming and says she can't go with her. She is needed somewhere else. She tells Daisy that she will survive but may lose a lot before she becomes "one of the greats."

    Outside the boarded up Sanctum Sanctorium of Dr. Strange, a young man stands staring in the rain. Daisy says she just left Hawaii looking for him. The man is desperate and wonders if this is a test of Dr. Strange's. He has connections to the magics and doesn't understand how they work. All he has is a book left to him by his father, Dr. Druid, but he can't read the language. Daisy tells him it's not a matter of magic, he has monster DNA but knows someone that can help him. The man is overjoyed.

    In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a man is bailed out of jail. Daisy tells him that within a day his record won't even exist anymore. He says the whole thing wasn't his fault and goes with her.

    In one of Nick Fury's safehouses, the Caterpillars are all gathered. Fury tells them that every day for the rest of their lives they will do as he says. If they don't, they will die. He doesn't mean it as a threat but a fact. They will begin their training. He asks them if any of them knows what a Skrull is.


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    Bendis could be sued by NBC 0

    As I read this issue I had to keep checking to make sure I wasn't reading Season 3 of NBC's Heroes because that is exactly how this comic reads excepts they are being banded together to fight Skulls but it still means saving the world! The artwork is sad considering all the really great artist out there and this being your #1 story line for the year! It is pretty bad with all the heroes in MU, only a bunch of unknown, inexperienced and underaged nobodies are going to be able to stop the Skulls. ...

    0 out of 0 found this review helpful.

    Team building time (mild spoilers) 0

    I am not a great fan of those comics which focus on team building. They usually play out in a fairly similar fashion with a tired sense of deja vu hanging over them. But to give Bendis some credit, he is a master of dialogue, even if his characters sometimes tend to have the same voice. So we get some entertaining dialogue as Nick Fury's recruitment officer goes about her business picking up inexperienced young heroes in various parts of the world to participate in Fury's Skrull-busting venture....

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