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In another world the being called Bram Dusk was a living quantum virus, who destroyed the Throne, an army of heroes led by Jackson King's alternate self King One.

In our world, however, he began as far less devastating. Abraham Dusk was a man who gained the powers of super strength, speed, and agility from a freak accident and became a street-level superhero called the Last Angel. He was finding little success, either in his personal life or his heroic career.

This would change when he crossed paths with our universe's version of the Throne, a group of black ops heroes known as The Monarchy, who were locked in a vicious inter-dimensional war with a powerful foe.

Desperate to defeat the Higher Power (an alternate universe version of the Authority) the mind of Henry Bendix left instructions to bond the ancient god spirit of Los Angeles, Chichinicka, to a human host. King chose Dusk to be the host. Chichinicka was angry at being awakened, and beheaded King's psychic self, seemingly killing him. Jon Farmer intervened and convinced Dusk to fully merge with the serpent god, completing the process. Now known as The Metropolitan, he possessed the power to control earthquakes, floods and fire--the forces that can destroy cities--making him in effect a living siege engine for the newly formed Monarchy, and ideally suited to combat the Higher Power's version of Jack Hawksmoor.

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