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The history of the high heel

This issue seems inherently interested in showing off the artistic ability of the artist, or at least the description at the end attests to this. While at its heart this is not such a bad concept, it does have to be met equally with a coherent story and thus this issue only greets the reader halfway. The story is a fairly typical one with some of protagonists not differing much from the remainder of those found in supernatural themed series. The problem here as with most of those same series is that the art keeps up a pace which the writing doesn't. It doesn't help out that halfway through that the format changes, and the back and forth between timelines also doesn't help. The explanation by the characters of why they are wearing their suggestive clothing is also somewhat out of place, almost as if the writer is making an excuse for their appearance. The last blurb in the editorial at the end explains the idea behind this, essentially confirming what the reader already experience - a story heavy on art and not so much on writing. That will appeal to some, and leave others turned away. (Would have given 2.5 but I rounded up).

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