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We jump ahead in time and find a 25 year old Sara (formerly Sarah) living in a very small and very strange apartment with a guy named Steve. Due to a change in the law Sara is no longer eligible for social assistance and must find her father (Mr. Gone) since the new law states that he is responsible for her welfare. After talking to her mother, Sara heads to Seattle and finds her dad Their she finds him living happily with a girlfriend. Sara and Gone (now simply calling himself Artie Pender) talk. Artie hints that Mr. Gone was only a representation that Sarah somehow manifested when Artie used his magic to communicate with her. Sara is upset by him not taking responsibility for Gone and leaves stating that she does not want his money. During this whole ordeal Sara is being followed by 3 C.I.A. agents carrying an urn and looking for Artie. That night these three agents find him. Although we are not privy to how he did it, Artie made short work (killed?) these agents and is now in possession of the urn. At the same time Sara has a dream of this occurrence but in her dream the agents kill her father. Sara goes back to see Artie the next day but still cannot find it in herself to forgive him.







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