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The Maximums were a team of super heroes from a different reality with a more radical and violent attitude towards crime. Their lives would take a twist when one of their members, Skyscraper, was killed by alternate/altered versions of Superman and Batman. Determined to capture both evildoers, the Maximums made a deal with they believed to be the ghost of one of another deceased member, the Bowman.

What they didn't know was they and their world were creations of Mr. Mxyzptlk, as part of a scheme to free Bat-mite from the body of the Joker. After revealing their true identities, the Maximums were erased from reality.


  • Bug (Spider-Man)- A wise cracking, insect-based hero with four arms
  • Soldier (Captain America)- The "first super soldier" of his world. He is uncompromising and military-minded.
  • Viking (Thor)- Frost giants' son. Has an axe (Ymir) able to wound even Superman
  • Robot (Iron Man/ Vision)- It's unknown if he is a man in armor or a robot. He is the voice of reason and is calm.
  • Monster (Hulk)- Becky that became a male monster, who is vulnerable to electrical discharges. Kryptonite exposure turned him green.
  • The deceased Skyscraper (Giant Man)- Harvey was killed by Superman. His giant size was permanent (unlike Giant Man's)
  • Hornet (Wasp)- She wants vengeance for Skyscraper's death.
  • The deceased Bowman ( Hawkeye)- He is said to still appear as a ghost.
  • Wolfen ( Wolverine/ Beast)- Tends to go into berserker rages.


Aside from Batman and Superman the team battled:

Axis of Evil ( Masters of Evil)- Members are: Godiva (Enchantress), Demise ( Grim Reaper), Rapier (the Swordsman/ Black Knight)

The teams spends a lot of time fighting with itself. Also, Halloween ( Green Goblin) is the arch-enemy of Bug,


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