The Matador

    Character » The Matador appears in 5 issues.

    A member of the Paybacks who possesses the proportionate strength and speed of a raging bull…

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    The superhero known as “The Matador” was captured by the Paybacks after he accrued a large debt to their leader, Mr. Pierce.

    Upon joining the organization, he quickly became friends with his new teammates, particularly the Soviet Nunchuck and Emory Rains, with him eventually marrying the latter.

    Powers & Abilities

    All of the Matador’s powers are derived from him possessing the ”heart of a bull.“ Mr. Pierce also believed that he was more powerful than Skisquatch, reasoning that his addition to the Paybacks more than made up for the Yeti’s death. Aside from his powers, he also appeared to be a skilled swordsman, and an expert in killing bovines, having slain a giant bull-headed demon in combat.

    Super Strength - The Matador possessed the proportionate strength of a raging bull, granting him superhuman physical power.

    Super Speed - The Matador was described by Emory Rains as a “Speedster,” as he could run at blitzing speeds.


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