The Mask of Light

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    The Mask of Light is discovered by an unsuspecting Matoran named Takua. He must learn and grow into the hero he was meant to be or die fighting the greatest enemy his world has ever known. This story arc corresponds with a movie of the same name.

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    The Toa Nuva have returned to their respective cities after having regained their powers. All across Mata-Nui games and festivals are being held in celebration of the relatively peaceful time that has come upon the island. A game of Koli (K-Oh-Lee), is being played in Ta-Koro (Tah-Koh-Roh)'s new stadium. Just before the game starts a young Matoran named Jaller (Jah-Lah) is searching for his friend Takua (Tah-Koo-ah), even though they are both supposed to be playing in the Koli match that is about to start. He finds Takua in a cavern under the city examining a shiny golden Kanohi mask. They make their way back to the city and arrive just as the game starts. After the game the city is attacked by creatures called Rahkshi, or, the sons of Makuta. The Toa Nuva in the city are only able to hold off the attacks long enough to save the Matoran and Turaga who were inside. After evacuating the populace the city sinks into the surrounding lava and Tahu Nuva's mask gets poisoned by a Rahkshi and quickly begins to spread across his armor and body.

    At the request of Turaga Vakama, Jaller and Takua set off to find the Toa to whom the mask, supposedly, belongs. Using the mask as a guide, they follow the light from it all the way around the island and Takua, being the designated herald, makes a stop wherever he can to inquire if anyone has seen a Toa (a futile question that he already knows the answer to). At the same time the Toa Nuva are struggling to draw the Rahkshi's attention away from the Matoran, and, more specifically, the herald, as Takua and Jaller try, seemingly in vain, to find the mysterious Toa of Light. Tahu's poisoning gets only worse and Gali Nuva and Kopaka Nuva are forced to freeze him to save him from having a poisoned mind.

    The herald's journey finally leads him to the temple of Kini-Nui in the center of the island. It is here that Takua and Jaller are finally cornered by the Rahkshi and, although the Toa Nuva arrived in time to save Takua's life, Jaller is killed before the Toa can do anything. The Toa Nuva are fighting a losing battle so, as a last resort, Takua puts on the mask of light and discovers the Toa of Light was inside of himself. He is transformed by the masks power into a powerful Toa warrior. With this change Takua (now Takanuva) makes the decision to take the battle of Light vs Shadow to the Master of Shadows himself, Makuta Teridax. He builds a vehicle from the destroyed husks of the Rahkshi and travels to the very heart of the island Where the Toa Mata had faced Makuta for the first time. A titanic struggle takes place, in which the Turaga and Toa become trapped in Makutas lair and are freed when Takanuva and Makuta Teridax meld together via a large pool of energized protodermis. They break the door and, as they separate into their own unique bodies, a massive explosion is produced that destroy's a wall in the darkest corner of the room as well as Makuta's armor, effectively defeating the greatest enemy the population of Mata-Nui has ever known. Having had much revealed to him by sharing the mind of Teridax, Takanuva discovers that he has the power to resurrect his friend Jaller. The passage-way that was revelaed turns out to be the only way back to the Turaga's past home island of Metru-Nui.

    As the Turaga decide to travel back to Metru-Nui Vakama decides that the Toa must know the truth and he shocks them (as well as the readers) with the fact that the Toa Nuva are NOT the first Toa.

    These comics are shorter stories interjected into the plotline of 2003's Mask of Light movie, Yet both the movie and the comics are written by the same author and therefore form a congruent storyline that leads into the next, much clearer, story arc.


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