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    Smokin' 0

    Compiling the stories from Mayhem, we follow Ipkiss on his journey with the mask. The art ,although a little rough around the edges, has a certain je nes qua and the story is superb. I always liked The Mask, but I get funny looks when I mention him as one of my favourite characters. I always show them this issue and then they understand. It is a dark, violent world and sadly it has been diluted by the Jim Carrey movie (I didn't hate it but it just wasn't right!) This book is The Mask in all it's...

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    THE MASK #1 Not What I Remembered 0

    I remember liking the Mask when it was first released. The thought of a Character that was a looney tunes come to life was interesting.Now that I am older and know more about story structure, I have to voice my disappointment. There is no arc for the main character. He starts off a douche and becomes a bigger douche , and never changes. This may be the point of the mask , except that his girlfriend seems ok , and when she puts on the mask, even she commits a murder.I will grant you , that ther...

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