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The Scarecrow and TinMan together again!

 We had to catch up and read a two Oz comics. I really liked that the Scarecrow and Tinman got to meet up again. The pictures and colors are really pretty. When they were all in a field of sunflowers, it reminded me a little of the poppies. There was a new character, a woggle-bug who looks cool.
I don't like that Jack Pumpkinhead keeps getting hurt and that he lost a leg here. Then there's Mombi. I wish she stayed away. I don't like her because she's kind of being mean.
My rating for this is 4.5 out of 5. I can't wait for the next issue. The preview page at the end shows the mouse king is coming back.
Words I Learned: orthodox, comrade, vanity, aggregation, hearth, pinnacle, congenial, amputated, entreat. 

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