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    The Only Thing to Fear is a Spacedog with a Machine Gun

    The Good

    What we have here is a prime example of what comics should be. Clever, action-packed, well illustrated, and non-clichéd.

    This is really the first time all the characters have acted together as a team, and WOW is it incredible! You have Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein in a full out brawl with a rogue AI...and on the other side of the world, Yuri Gagarin, Laika, and an ex-Nazi vs. the same.

    Every single character becomes likable in this issue. Every. Single. One. Except the AI, I never thought I would dislike that dude. A villain you love to hate, but also feel kinda bad about hating since he IS a fairly major historical figure but...that's what makes it work.

    And Nick Pitarra really delivers artistically. His style is dynamic and light, lending just the right tone to the book.

    The Bad

    The next issue doesn't come out for at least a month! NOOOO!!! D:

    The Verdict

    Make it your New Year's resolution to start buying this book. This issue reminds me of why I read comics.

    If there were more stars, I would give them to this book.

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