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Gargoyles are an ancient species,one of the three races.They are warriors by night, but stone statues during the day, awakened when the sun sets, completely healed of any injury. Gargoyles are a race who's primary purpose is to protect, with Hudson remarking that protecting being as important as breathing to a gargoyle.

994 A.D. - Scotland

The Manhattan clan, was once part of the Wyvern clan, and the protectors of Castle Wyvern. Until ultimately the clan is betrayed by the captain of the guard,which resulted in the destruction of all but seven members of the Wyvern clan. Of the seven, six are cursed by the Magus and trapped in a stone sleep that can only be broken when "the castle rises above the clouds".The last member, Demona, who was part of the betrayal,hid and ultimately goes through years before finally gaining immortality.

1994 A.D. - New York, New York

Eventually a very powerful and wealthy man by the name of David Xanatos takes it upon himself to remove the Castle Wyvern from Scotland viva helicopter to rest atop the Eyrie Tower. Stone by stone and with Gargoyles in tow the curse is lifted and the Gargoyles are once more free to become flesh at night,breaking the thousand year curse. Tricked into stealing for him, and ultimately proving that they can't be controlled, they battle a group of robots Xanatos himself, before defeating him and ultimately being forced to move from there home, to the clock tower above the police station at the urging of there only human friend Elisa Maza.
Eventually the gargoyles end their hostilities with Xantos, when they arrive to aid him in protecting his new born son Alexander Xanatos, from being taken by Oberon to Avalon to be trained in his mystical powers. This ultimately rids Xanatos of his hostility towards to Manhattan Clan. During 1996, the clans home at the clocktower is destroyed by the Hunter's, and Angela is injured leading the clan to declare vengeance on the hunters, and ultimately defeat them, and stop Demona's plan to destroy every human ultimately saving the world, and being returned to their ancestral home of castle Wyvern by Xanatos.
Ultimately the clan rebuilds itself during 1997, with Coldstone and Coldfire rejoining the clan. And following his adventures with the Phoenix Gate, Brooklyn is brought back to the Manhattan clan, with his wife Katana, his son Nashville, his garg beast Fu-Dog, and the Gargoyle egg called Egwardo. Ultimately the once destroyed clan, has rebuilt itself into becoming one of the most powerful clans of the gargoyle world.

The Clan

Goliath - The leader of the clan, the strongest physically he has a strong sense of honor, always striving to protect his clan, and anyone else in need.

Brooklyn - Second in command.

Angela - Daughter of Goliath and Demona, she was originally a member of the avalon clan, she ultimately decided to come back with her father, to see the world.

Lexington - The computer expoert, while being the one to adjust to modern life the fastest, and being the most intellegent he's physically the smallest of the clan.

Broadway - Angela's mate, she ultimately chose him as he is the only one  who saw her as a person. Broadway is very loyal and has an intense hatred of guns.
Bronx - The clan's garg beast, he's a ferocious member of the clan, and their tracker. He has an excellent ability to track by scent
- Hudson is the former leader, and the oldest of the clan, most of the time he prefers just to sit in front of the tv, but he's still a fierce warrior using his short sword to make up for his physical declining attributes.

Elisa Maza - A human, as a police officer she was the first one to meet the gargoyles, and be there only friend for many years, and ultimately considered a member of the clan.
Coldstone - Gargoyle composed of the shattered remains of three destroyed Gargoyles, brought to life by sorcery and technology.
Coldfire-Coldstone's mate, she was originally one of the 3 personality's inhabiting the coldstone body, she ultimately is seperate by Puck, and has her essence placed into a robotic a robotic body built by Xanatos. 
Katana- Is Brooklyns mate, and the mother of Nashville, she meets Brooklyn during his journey through time, and ultimately joins The Manhattan Clan once they return.
Nashville- Is Brooklyn and Katana's son, he joins the clan along with his parents when their journey through the time stream is completed, and they've returned to New York.
Fu-Dog- Brooklyns gargoyle beast, that he meets during his journey through time with the Pheonix Gate, and who ultimately joins the Manhattan Clan once they return to 1997.


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