The Man With No Face

    Character » The Man With No Face appears in 16 issues.

    He was the Chinese equivalent of Captain America. He also worked as the bodyguard for his creator the Chinese scientist Zhang Chin.

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    The Man With No Face was created by John Romita and Dick Ayers in 1954 and first appeared in Captain America Comics # 77. 

    Brief History

    The Man With No Face was created by Zhang Chin when he was part of the Chinese super soldier project. Nothing is known about the Man With No Face before the transformation, but after he was transformed he became Chin's bodyguard. He always wears a trench coat and hat to cover his disfigured body. When the Winter Soldier, Bucky, was sent to kill Chin and stop his experiments the Man With No Face saved him and nearly killed Bucky.

    Decades later after Bucky has become the new Captain America, the Man With No Face hires Batroc to steal the remains of Jim Hammond for Chin. By chance Bucky encounters Batroc while he is out of costume and is recognized by the Man. When Bucky and Namor travel to China to retrieve the body of their former ally the Man takes them both prisoner. Black Widow infiltrates their base and frees them, and they kill Chin before he can release his super virus. The Man sees this and goes tangible to hold the body of his creator and Namor takes the opportunity to snap his neck.


    He has the abilties to fly, go intangible, and travel through shadows. When he passes through people while intangible it causes the person to feel extreme pain, so much to nearly make Bucky pass out. While intangible his only weakness is electricity, but when he is tangible he is just a normal person.

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