The Magnetic Men

    Team » The Magnetic Men appears in 6 issues.

    Made in the images of the Brotherhood of Mutants by Magneto.

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    Created in the Amalgam Comics Universe


    When his mutant powers manifested in his teens, Magneto's brother Will Magnus hated and feared Erik. After forming The Brotherhood of Mutants, Will Magnus decided in pursuing his goal of purging the world of all mutants including Magneto sparking a deadly rivalry between Erik and Will. The rivalry between the Magnus brothers reached a fatal crossroads when Will's Sentinel robots murdered the members of the Brotherhood, except Magneto. 
    In memory of his fallen Brotherhood members, Erik used his awesome magnetic might to create the Uncanny Magnetic Men (a band of robots designed to fight for the mutant cause and against the Sentinels). After the creation of the Magnetic Men, Magneto created his own Cerebro in order to locate mutants and help them.



    ~ Cobalt: Having the secret identity of Lucius Richmond when given the illusion to appear human. Seething with radioactivity, Cobalt is the Magnetic Men's energy power-house. With his haughty manner and regal bearing, he commands attention and respect in Magneto's own image, and is the natural leader when "The Master of Magnetism" himself is separated from the cybernetic crew. When he thinks no one is watching, the haughty Cobalt enjoys watching television. The others are beginning to get suspicious, especially when Cobalt follows up orders with the phrase, "Make it so".

    ~ Nickel: His human identity is the photographer Lance Vale. He seems to move at the speed of light, but that's just the effect of the sun's rays glinting off sleek metal as speeding Nickel whizzes by! The ductile daredevil is also the Magnetic Men's hotheaded whiz kid, ever impatient to use his brillance as well as his brawn to battle enemies.

    ~ Antimony: Her human form is the supermodel Debbie Walker. An aloof beauty whose circuits never overheat, her arms form unbreakable blades. With an indestructible Diamagnetic casing, the Magnetic Woman's cold body is as invulnerable to physical attack as her seemingly cold heart is from emotional assault. More than any of his Magnetic Men, Erik Magnus finds himself emotionally drawn to Antimony as the child he never had.

    ~ Bismuth: His human identity is Snapper Jones. The youngest member of the Magnetic Men. Bismuth has the ability to throw toxic punches which corrodes an opponent’s circuitry but also leaves him physically brittle and prone to lose pieces of himself in battle. Like Antimony, Bismuth is also Diamagnetic.

    ~ Iron: John Henry Steel is his secret identity. The first and most headstrong of Magneto's creations, the impetuous Iron always charges willingly into battle. He possesses an attack-repelling magnetic force field that renders him nearly untouchable. With simple enthusiasm and solid style, Iron is the mechanical heart of the Magnetic Men. 


    The team was successful in hunting down and defeating Sinistron on Genosha and releasing many of his mutant captives. Later, in battle with the Impossible Mod, all the members were killed. Magneto was able to use his power to bring them back to life. Realizing the team had grown sentient, he got the aid of Mister Mastermind to give them human appearances. He also gave them human names and disbanded the team, not wanting to put them in harm's way. He did not give them a choice.

    Trying to lead normal lives, the Magnetic Men were attacked and captured by the Sinister Society. Magneto came to their rescue and the Society was defeated, the Magnetic Men having far superior strength in the precense of Magneto. After their first clash with the Sinister Society and finding out they share a same enemy, Magneto and The Magnetic Men propose an alliance with the robotic society to hopefully gain more strength with their confrontations with Magneto's brother.


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