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    A group of soldiers from different branches of service who banded together because of the misfortunate backgrounds they shared. They operated during World War II.

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    The Losers were a detached service task force that operated in the European and Pacific theaters during World War Two. The team was made up of Captain Storm, a P.T. boat commander, Johnny Cloud, a U.S. Captain in the United States Army Air Corp and a Navaho pilot, and two Marines who called themselves Gunner and Sarge. The four men joined together as the Losers after suffering serious failures in their military careers. On Storm's first mission, his P.T. boat was sunk, and he lost his leg and was the sole survivor. He had many successes afterward, until he was transferred to the European theater and his P.T. boat was sunk once again. Johnny Cloud felt responsible for every soldier who lost their lives under his command. When another soldier by the name of "Wyoming" died, his guilt drove him into the side of a mountain. Gunner and Sarge were transferred to the European theater to train new recruits, however, all the recruits died in their first mission.

    Lt. Jeb Stuart picked up each individually. Storm after losing a ship, Cloud after losing his plane, and Gunner and Sarge after losing their recruits. Stuart had recently lost a mission. They believed themselves all to be "losers". Stuart persuaded the four men to join him in a mission to destroy a Nazi tower. The five men succeeded in their mission.

    Military High Command, impressed with their results, suggested they become a detached military task force operating in the European and Pacific theaters.

    A short time later Ona, joined them after Storm was thought to be dead. She was a Norwegian resistance fighter who believed she was a "loser' for surviving a Nazi attack that killed her father and destroyed her village. She stayed with the team when Storm turned up alive. When Ona eventually left the group, Pooch took her place.

    They were believed to have died during the last days of World War II. Captain Storm survived to see America's Bicentennial. Captain Storm met up with all the Losers, Jeb Stuart, Mademoiselle Marie and Gravedigger. Ben Hunter, of Hunter's Hellcats, was out of the States during the reunion. The Unknown Soldier was a bartender at the reunion. Ben Hunter and Gunner are the only two to have survived into present time, working with the Creature Commandos, another World War II off-shoot team.


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