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The Demon Lords was a term used to refer to the demons that took over several areas of Los Angeles after the city was sent to hell by Wolfram & Hart's Senior Partners. Some of them, like Kr'ph or Non, where originally nothing more than bottom-feeders that took advantage of the chaos in order to climb up in the new system.

Most of the Demon Lords were killed by the explosions of their Hagan Shafts, provided to them by Teeth, Lord of Santa Monica, who betrayed his fellow Lords to Angel in exchange for his life.

Tanks to the temporal fold performed by the Senior Partners to resurrect Angel, however, all the dead Lords were resurrected. Those who had been betrayed by Teeth decided to exact their revenge of the demon loan shark.

The Demon Lords of Los Angeles

The Lord of Westwood

Kr'ph is the lord of Westwood.  He controlled a magical amulet that amplified his power and had control of George a telepathic fish.  He used human slaves as Gladiators to fight to the death for his amusement.  He was killed by Gunn for his Eye of Ramas.

The Lord of Silverlake

Lorne is the Lord of Silverlake.  After L.A. was dumped into a Hell dimension, Lorne attempted to leave.  With no way out he found himself in Silverlake where he helped the residents fend off the demons.  After several days and most demons were repelled, a magic spell was cast.  It returned most of Silverlake back to what it once was and is one of the few safe Havens in L.A.

The Lord of Beverly Hills

Illyria is the Lord of Beverly Hills, even though most of the day to day activities are left to her pet Spike.

The Lord of Weho

The Lord of West Hollywood was killed alongside his fellow Demon Lords thanks to the plan set up by Angel and Teeth. After being resurrected by the temporal fold performed by the Senior Partners, the Lord of Weho attacked Teeth to exact his revenge, then going after Charles Gunn as part of the Lords' plot to punish Angel. However, the Lord of WeHo was beheaded by Illyria.

The Lord of Santa Monica

Bro'os is the lord of Santa Monica.

The Lord of Downtown L.A.

Burge is the Lord of Downtown L.A.

The Lord of Sherman Oaks

The Lord of Century City

The Lord of Burbank

The Lord of Compton

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