The Liquidator

    Character » The Liquidator appears in 41 issues.

    Supervillain of Darkwing Duck. Can control water and is made entirely of water.

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    Origin: Dry Hard

       Bud Flood was the cunning crooked owner of  Sparkling Crystal Pure Flud Water bottled water company. While the city of St. Canard was in a heatwave, Bud secretly carbinated the waters of his competitors, leaving only his brand unscathed. He was helped in this process by his  announcer girls who repeat anything said in song. However, the "dirty" businessman had not planed on the persistent protector of the peace: namely Darkwing duck! Darkwing with his sidekick  Launchpad caught the villain in the process of poisoning another of his competitor's water. In trying to escape capture, Bud tumbled a la Joker into a vat of water filled with his own poison. Instead of killing him, the accident transformed him into a living, breathing (?) being made entirely of water. Sense that point, Bud Fludd became The Liquidator, swearing to fight Darkwing for what he did to him.   He only speaks in slogans.


    The Liquidator was created for the tv show Darkwing Duck. While he only appeared in six episodes, he was quite popular. He was voiced by Jack Angel. His appearance is most likely based on Marvel comic's Hydro-Man, while his origin is most  definitely  based on one of the Joker's possible origins. 
    He was the first from the TV show to appear with Darkwing in the comic magazine Disney Adventures (Taurus Bulba being the first villain to appear in comics). He has been reserected along with whole Darkwing Universe for the new Boom! Studios series.

    Major Arcs

    The Duck Knight Returns
    Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite wet dog super villain after the evil coperation known as Quackwerks took over St. Canard?
    Well, the Liquidator was forced into water coolers by Quackwerks. However, Quackerjack rescued him and his fellow rogues to reunite the fearsome four. Together again, they planed to reack havoc on the corporation that had caused them so much harm. When the group sees Darkwing and company in the thunderquack, they roll out the welcome wagon with a good old cat and mouse chase. However, this chase is cut short when they are ambushed by Quackwork Crimebots. They all wake to find that Taurus Bulba was behind the whole corporation.  After Darkwing defeats bulba, bud is sent to a water tight prison for a short stay.

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
    Has this ever happened to you: you are a water dog and  you are in a prison and then some force manipulates you into going some where?
    Well, obviously, Bud Flood did not stay in that water tight prison. A force controlled all the water in St. Canard and Bud, being made of water, was forced to join the rest of the water in St. Canard in Audubon Bay. However, he was able to escape from this magical magnet force when Darkwing Duck was having a news confrense about the pecular water and his mysterious alternate doubles. Wanting the attention of the cameras, Bud tells of the great force that is controlling the waters. He is interupted by the appearence of Dark Warior.
    What has become of Liquidator is unknown currently, but put down that remote, The Liquidator will be back after these messages!

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