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The Lightsmiths are a group of aliens who lived in the universe before ours that wielded the red light of fury, the orange light of gluttony, the yellow light of terror, the green light of resolve, the blue light of faith, the indigo light of empathy, and the violet light of passion. Using enormous converters, they absorbed the energy of the Emotional Spectrum and transformed it into power, later channeling that power into staffs in the same way today's corps use rings.

According to accounts by Relic, it was undecided which group actually harnessed the power of the emotional spectrum first. But unlike the corps of today, the Lightsmiths decided to work together to construct civilizations built solely out of light constructs.

In an event that the Lightsmiths referred to as the Dimming, Axylund, the home planet of the blue Lightsmiths, faced the crisis of an obsolete light converter, cutting off azure energy to the Lightsmiths. Shortly after, the converters for the remaining Lightsmiths darkened as well until finally the universe died in an explosion of color, leaving only Relic to survive and 'warn' the next universe of its impending doom.

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