The Lifestone Gems

    Concept » The Lifestone Gems appears in 8 issues.

    Fragments of the Lifestone Tree which entered the Sol System landing in Earth and it's Moon, each having it's own unique properties.

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    Current possessers of the various fragments of the original meteorite include:

    Doctor Demonicus wielder of the largest Lifestone fragment which can cause genetic mutation and development of psychic abilities.

    Elsa Bloodstone wielder of the Bloodgem which grants superhuman physical abilities, regeneration, and immortality. Her father Ulysses Bloodstone could utilize it for Psionic's such as astral projection, intuitive aptitude and limited psychokinesis.

    Blue Diamond wielder of unnamed fragments which grants a body the density of a diamond, making the wielder incredibly strong virtually indestructible. Given a complete lifestone by Star-Dancer, giving him a flawless diamond body able to harness cosmic energy.

    Stargod (Manwolf) wielder of the Godstone which grants the user a lycanthropic form with lunar phase augmentation as well as some level of telepathy and cosmic energy manipulation.

    Doctor Spectrum wielder of the Power Prism which grants the ability to create photonic energy, flight, and light-based constructs.

    The Sphinx wielder of the Ka Stone which grants an array of abilities including time/space manipulation, immortality, and energy manipulation.

    Basilisk wielder of both the Alpha and Omega Stone's which granted temperature control, limited molecular manipulation, and teleportation.

    Moonstone (Karla Sofen) wielder of the Moonstone which grants the ability to control gravity, light-based powers, and intangibilty.

    Another couple of stones "created" by the Bloodgem itself are the "Star of Capistan" wielded by the Red Rajah. And the Bloodstone Ring worn by the youngest member of the family; Cullen Bloodstone.


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