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Major Story Arcs

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

Mysterious keeper of The Book "The Hercules Method", The Librarian hands out the book to potential candidates to see if anyone can follow in the footsteps of him, he hands out one thousands copies of 'The Hercules Method' each year and puts it on the Internet and he claims that within the last decade only one person has learned the ways of the book, that person being Luther Strode. The Librarian seems to have knowledge on everyone in and around the Strode family. The Librarian's goal was to turn Luther into a killer.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Strength: The Librarian has been shown to be able to break through a steel door with his bare hands, he has punched through a wooden door with bare fists, has bent steel bars, can crush and decapitate human heads with ease, has knocked out a human with one finger, and do a push-up with with his little finger.

Superhuman Durability: He has been smashed over the head with a lamp and laughed it off, was stabbed through the neck and showed no sign of pain, survived having his head snapped around 180 degrees, and he has had his arm snapped in half and recovered.

Superhuman Speed: Dodged a bullet that was fired from only a couple of feet away.

Nerve Attack: Disabled some of Luther Strode's nerve with an attack.


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