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The Lethargic Lads are a parody of characters featured in the Reign of the Supermen storyarc.

When Lethargic Lad was believed to be deceased Lethargic Comics #1, four new Lethargic Lads appeared in Infantino City.

Little Green Boy, already a featured character in the Lethargic Universe, added a leather jacket and cool sunglasses to his costume as a homage to Kon-El.

The Lad of Steel, a new character, was a homage to Steel.

The Lad of Tomorrow, another new character who was first referred to as "The Last Son of Lethargy" was a homage to The Eradicator.

Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad, yet another new character, was a homage to Cyborg Superman.

After fighting in the street, as super-heroes first meeting often do, the four new Lethargic Lads formed a fast friendship with the original and became known collectively as The Lethargic Lads.

The Lethargic Lads expanded its membership when Evil Cyborg Lethargic Lad used his time travel technology Lethargic Lad #8 to bring the following Lethargic heroes into 1999:

These Lethargic Lads were returned to their proper timelines when Mr. Mimico came in contact with Lethargic Lad Red (a disguised Mr. Mimico from the past) causing a quantum explosion in the time-space continuum because . . . comic books.


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