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With the death of his parents teenager Bobby Benson inherits a working cattle ranch, he determines to make a go of running it with just grit and the help of some of his young friends.

However he is not without some adult supervision, as Tex Mason a 20 something ranch hand also stays on.

Unknown to Bobby, from time to time Tex Mason puts on a mask and distinctive yellow and green outfit and with the help of Native American Harka fights outlaws, mad scientists and others up to no good as The Lemonade Kid.

It doesn’t take long before Tex stops wearing the mask and just depends on the yellow and green cowboy suit and people’s corporation be recognized as the Lemonade Kid.


Tex Mason was a character on the long running Saturday morning radio show Bobby Benson’s B-Bar-B Ranch.

When the radio series was translated into comic book form the character of Tex was given the added guise of the Lemonade Kid in backup stories created by Bob Powell and Gardner Fox, his version of the character only appeared in the comic.

To differentiate this he is given a different outfit and a mask for the first two appearances, the mask however is soon dropped, as is the Lemonade Kid stories after the 13th issues of the comic, though the character of Tex Mason continues in the main stories for the full run of the series.


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