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A women by the name of Doctor Reynolds is in a mental hospital ranting and raving in the night of bad things to come. An aid of the hospital tries to drug her to sleep. Before Dr. Reynolds passes out, she tells the aid that her boy friend is cheating on her with one of her friends.

In Malibu, California, Jennifer Kale and her friend Bernard Drabble watch the sun set near their campus and break into conversation until Jennifer has a painful vision of someone falling.

That night in New York, at a magazine company called Cruel Fate, Journalist Martin Gold tries to get in touch with lawyer Charles Blackwater. However Charles does not pick up, He does pick up at one point , but hangs up after Martin mentions a certain case known as the Calder Case to him.

Elsewhere a top of a high building. Charles Blackwater is seen being thrown out of a window.

A while back he see Blackwater and a cult leader named Mr. Calder discussing charges on Mr Calder involving illegal activities with in his cult. The next day Blackwater investigates the cult's location and interviews members of the cult who's relatives who are joined in suite to sue the cult in the first place.

Days later Blackwater takes Calder's case to court and wins. Yet later on, Blackheart regrets winning the case. Still interested in the case, Blackwater order's a book from an old book store. As he arrives at the store, a little girls tells him his shadow told her Blackwater was coming and that he was going to die. He later investigates a distributer company and shows pictures of the cult members to s suspect. The suspect notices one of the cult members as a child pornagrapher of his own grand kids.

That Night he realized that Calder was running thousands of illegal acts right under the law's noses. Minutes later after getting a call from Cruel Fate, Calder and his cult break into Blackheart's office for his files on the case. Blackwater gets a gun and tries to fend himself. Who shots one of the cult members in the shoulder but Blackwater ends up getting a dagger thrown into his throat and then gets blasted in the herat by a shot gun which sends him flying threw the building window.

Blackwater then wakes up in an afterlife version of a kitchen and him mom is there. She serves him peas which turn into a monster. The mother tells Blackwater that true evil lives in the day light, and that Blackwater must embrace his dark side to fight it. As he hears this his hands sink into a portal which hold this dark substance which transformms him into the fierce monster known as Omen. In his new form, Blackwater kills the Pea monster with a bizarre weapon. After the mother leaves, Blackwater is back on earth in his body, but he has no control over it. Something else does.

Back in St. Louis, Dr. Reynolds is straped to her bed speaking to herself and repeating the name Fing Fang Foom.

Back in California, Bernard wakes up in Jennifer's apartment but she is not in bed. He then spots her old fighting uniform on a counter. As he enters another room, Bernard finds Jennifer floating in mid-air and talking to some portal. As it goes away Bernard is stunned at what he saw. Jen tells him the he has to leave.

In New York that same morning, the office of Blackwater is being investigated by Detective Boyl and Martin Gold. As the two talk outside, the living body of Blackwater is hiding in the sewer listening to them.

Back on the cult grounds, Calder and his cult take part in a gigantic and deadly ritual summoning something.

At the same time in the People's Republic of China, Fing Fang Foom rises from the ground.

The cult has raised Fing Fang Foom and celebrate however their leader Calder feels some type of fear of things to come in the future.



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