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It opens with a battle to the death atop the abyss of Reisenbach Falls and closes with East London on the brink of a ferocious blitzkrieg forty years ahead of its time. In the penultimate installment of our already award-winning adventure, all the cards are on the table. Our champions learn at last the true and terrible identity of the mysterious spymaster they've been working for and glimpse too late the full and frightful motive at the heart of his intentions.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League finally discover that they have been duped by their very superiors and now it is time to est thing wright. It will not be easy as they have to face the likes of James Moriarty, Dr. Fu Manchu, Sebastion Moran and Campion Bond.

Allan and the Sundered Veil

Allan Quatermain, John Carter and Randolph Carter wake up from their collective nightmare. This leaves the Time Traveler all alone in with a busted Time Machine. Allan wakes up in the room where he first past out seeing a lot of his future.

Historical Note:

This issue was printed originally with a real vintage ad from a product called the Marvel Douche included in the back pages. Fear of legal reprisal saw this printing pulped. Legend has it that some copies survived and are in private collections, much like the pulped Elseworlds 80 page Giant special released in 1999.


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 Can't Keep the Man Down Alright for those of you who did not read the novels these books are based on here is a little history lesson.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character's Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty and Sebastian Moran.  Wanting to write other things Dole decided to kill off Sherlock in the very story he introduces Moriarty.  Needless to say just like today fans were outraged that he would kill off the great Holmes.    The death of Holmes happens in the story The Adventure o...

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