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A traitor in their midst! Oh, most foul of fates. Can one of our champions truly be so black of heart? Hurry, dear reader, before our most talented illustrator's hand freezes from the horror of it all! And, lest you forget, our fantastic almanac continues.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

They're Here
They're Here

It is a dark time for the league and all home seems lost. The aliens destroy the military without so much effort and the countries of Europe have no idea how to deal with the alien invasion choosing to do nothing, and hope for the best. This is based on the belief that they are unable to move from their craters.

This proves to be fruitless as the aliens build three legged battle vehicles. The league is also unaware that they have been betrayed by Hawley Griffin. At least they are at the begging. Now betrayed by Hawley and unable to do anything they a last attempt sending Nemo and Hyde to fight the walkers and sending Murray and Quatermain to find a mysterious scientist.

The New Traveller's Almanac Chapter Three

In the New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter Three the focus is on the America's. This would be North and South America. It points out all the greatest places in literature.


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 The Invasion League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen This is a dark time for the League as they are betrayed by one of their own and Mina is beaten mercilessly.  As the aliens establish a beachhead in Europe.  I was disappointed in the betrayal because it was too obvious.  In other words the characters should have saw it coming.  There was no subtlety to the story.    The beating of Wilhelmina was pretty sadistic as well.  It was not enough to take her out but she was humiliated first.  I am torn ab...

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