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Our splendid art-o-graphic pictorial continues to arouse and entertain enlightened readers of all classes. In this chapter, our heroes venture to the outer reaches of London to discover mirthful mayhem in the guise of Martian marauders. Most shocking of all, witness our dear Mina's horrible assault. (Ladies, please consult your husbands before perusing our pages!)

An added bonus feature has been included for the enjoyment of our readers: an illustrated travelogue to places of the most fantastic nature. Book your accommodations early!

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

War of the Worlds
War of the Worlds

The league is sent to the scene of a crashed U.F.O. The whole team is there along with just about everyone in several of the adjacent towns. It is a mysterious curiosity until it turns into horror. The ship opens and kills several people. Not knowing what to do the people sent an impromptu peace delegation. As they approach the ship an antenna protrudes from the ship and sets all the men on fire with some sort of invisible heat ray. After killing the peace delegation it turns on the civilians burning man, woman and child. The league being most likely the only survivors retreat to a town that is just about abandoned. All hope seems lost for the team. This gets worse when they are betrayed by one of their own.

The New Traveller's Almanac Chapter Two

This is a story of strange and unseal places around Europe. There are a lot of "first hand accounts from Mina Murray and her travels. Some with assumably Allan Quatermain whom she refers to as simply A. There are also many accounts of Mr. and Mrs. Blakeney who travel with the notorious Mrs. Fanny Hill.


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Betrayed Again. 0

 War of the Worlds I really liked this issue.  It kept very true to the original novel War of the Worlds.  Not that I was expecting it to but it was neat to see things play out that way.  The story was good and the characters are left with a feeling of helplessness.  I really thought that was neat and is unseen in most comics today.  Even if the hero is wrong they usually feel they can conquer any problem.  Not here the league is left wondering what to do.  Actually there is one character wh...

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