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The Law Enforcement Squad are a team of government sponsored superheroes from a parallel universe. On the eve of The Abraxas Incident, the decapitated skull of Earth-1462's Galactus was sent on a crash-course to Earth-616, courtesy of Abraxas himself.

While Earth-616's Fantastic Four were investigating the unusual event, Abraxas' presence had begun causing multiple realities to begin merging. Amongst the first of these realities was the one in which The Law Enforcement Squad had originated from. The Hulk, who had been sent alone to investigate the event, attacked The Fantastic Four after having mistook them for The U-Foes of his universe.

He was eventually overpowered by the combined power of The Fantastic Four and Namorita and was told by Reed Richards to halt his attack and stand down. The Hulk, having realized that they were not The U-Foes, agreed to Reed's terms while remarking that this event merited further study. After returning to Earth from a sojourn to The Moon, a visibly shaken Namorita told the others that the Nova (Frankie Raye) whom they had found in some form of stasis within the skull of Galactus had gone crazy and escaped from The Baxter Building.

When The Fantastic Four and Namorita caught up with her, they found Nova in the middle of a confrontation with The Hulk and the rest of The Law Enforcement Squad. The Hulk, who had come to believe that they were The U-Foes and had merely tricked him into thinking they weren't, ordered his team to take them down and apprehend them.

While The Human Torch went off and tried to calm Nova down, the other members of The Fantastic Four found themselves being overwhelmed by The Law Enforcement Squad. Namorita, after having knocked out Buck Barnes, was forced to face her own mother, Namora, while Reed was left to fend for himself against the combined might of Captain Universe and Doctor Druid.

However, Reed was eventually able to convince Captain Universe and Doctor Druid that The Fantastic Four were not their enemies and that there was a greater force at work here. Nova, who was secretly a Herald of Abraxas and a traitor to them all, tried to kill Captain Universe when she saw that Reed had convinced him of their innocence.

Because Captain Universe was the very essence of the Universe itself, Nova's power was insufficient and incapable of truly killing him and could only destroy the fragile physical form he had taken on as a member of The Law Enforcement Squad. Reed and Doctor Druid discovered that Captain Universe had taken refuge within a dimension between realities and was waiting to guide them to "him".

After explaining the true nature of Eternity's existence, Captain Universe led them to the one who had been awaiting their arrival; who, as it turned out, was actually none other than Abraxas himself. Captain Universe vanished without a trace while the rest of The Law Enforcement Squad was sent back to their native universe once Abraxas had exiled Reed and Druid from the dimension that Captain Universe had guided them through. Their current status is unknown.


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