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Bullet Points Review: Cool Art + Strong Script + Grand Finale

  • Well as they say, "a lady is involved" :)... I wont say much here. Do not want to spoil your read....
  • Great art + Story. It is like a dream come true, for a Phantom fan especially, to have both story and art go hand in hand and click. Dynamite, according to me is really ticking as far as Art goes and has been successful at those points where Moonstone really failed: Great Art + Great Finale.
  • The story in here is ties in to the story about the 21st Phantom, Kits father that originally began in the Issue #7 of The Last Phantom volume.
  • As the story keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the issue, ending is not 100% conclusive but nevertheless it leaves you with many questions and possible routes that Kit Walker may take.
  • This issue is awesome in the sense that it starts clearing up things about why Kit Walker did not take up the role of the phantom at the beginning and now that he has already taken up, will he continue?
  • THE MAIN THING THAT ANY PHANTOM FAN WOULD LOVE: the skull cave of the Phantom that is 2 page spread and is as cool as Batman's Batcave. I am sure anyone other than the Phantom's fan would agree after looking at this bonus feature.
  • There is also another skull cave large view in between the issue while the story runs.
  • See the preview images of the issue here: http://dynamite.net/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?PRO=C725130178121
  • One of the best issues of Dynamite. All in all I would give 4.5 starts for amazing art + intriguing story and value for money.

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