kartron's The Last Phantom #10 - Jungle Rules, Chapter Four: A Cave is Not a Home review

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Bullet Points Review: A Phantom Key Issue!!

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  • The story begins with one most mind-boggling concept - he finds something very similar between himself and the very first Phantom. This is the key issue in the line of Dynamite's venture in the The Phantom!
  • This issue sheds light on the greatest secret of the very first Phantom, Christopher Kitridge Walker (not sure again why the name changed to Kitridge? Or was it that way before? I thought it was Kit Walker! Anyways...) goes through the chronicles in the Skull Cave!! he reads about how his forefather took the oath on the pirate's skull who killed his father. ***The chronicle chamber art is AWESOME!
  • Story is something that is retold but it is told with excellent art + has some little fillers thrown in to explain certain trivial things in the part of 15th century. Superb read. Much more valuable for a Phantom fan like me! :)
  • Giving 4 stars & not 5 for two reasons: the story is not new but retold and secondly I felt the issue is a bit short. Otherwise an excellent read.

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