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    Character » The Lamplighter appears in 16 issues.

    Former member of the Seven. He was replaced by Starlight.

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    Lamplighter is an original member of the Seven. His true name is unknown, but much like all supes, his powers derive from Compound V. In the 9/11 incident, he suffered some damage in both ribs and lungs when being hit by a plane's wing. Afterword, The Boys tried to blackmail The Seven with the truth of 9/11. Angered by this, Lamplighter kills Mallory's granddaughters. His own team gave him to the Boys to as a peace offering to prevent a violent conflict between the Seven and the CIA. The Boys beat him to near death before Malory shoots him in the head, but he was revived to a zombie-like state, thanks to the Compound V, and hidden beneath the Seven's headquarters, playing in his own feces. Vought occasionally uses him to show the public that they are stronger than death. He was replaced by Starlight.

    In Other Media

    The Boys

    In Season 1 of the series, photos of him have been shown. Unlike his comic counterpart, he has a black costume with a hood. The Deep claims that he "retired".

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    In Season 2, Lamplighter fully appears, and is portrayed by Shawn Ashmore. In the show’s version of his origin, his powers manifested when he was 4 years old. After he became a superhero, he eventually became a member of The Seven, soon the Boys tried to blackmail him with photos, into being a spy for them, He retaliated by attempting to incinerate Malory, but accidently killed her grandchildren instead. He soon got demoted, and got a job at a mental hospital where they test out Compound V. His job there was to incinerate the test subject who either tried to resist, or outlived their usefulness. Lamplighter later confessed that the deaths of Mallory's grandchildren was an accident. After they all escape the hospital, Malory meets Lamplighter, and pulls a gun out on him, and ultimately chooses not to kill him. After he learns that the Seven officially replaced him with Starlight, he commits Suicide by setting himself on fire.


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