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Born in the coastal area of what is now known as Russia on the borders of the great Caspian Sea. The Kurgan, is vile and nameless. If he did have a birth name it is now unknown lost through generations, probably due to that fact that most who met him died painfully. He is simply known as the Kurgan, which is the name of the tribe he hails from.

The Kurgans were legendary for the cruel, malicious, and unmerciful nature. The ravaged villages, murdered men, women, and children alike. They sought nothing but absolute power and glory. Many rumors are have been spread of their cruel deeds, everything from keeping women as sex slaves, and starving children into pits of rabid dogs all for the enjoyment of it.


The Kurgan allied himself with the Clan Fraser to exterminate the MacLeod Clan in year 1536. The Kurgan requested that he be the one to deal the death blow to Connor MacLeod. The two clans finally met on the battlefield, and a grisly, bloody war ensued.

During the heat of battle The Kurgan got his chance to face Connor in one on one combat. Before Connor was even able to swing his sword, the Kurgan ran him through the blade of his Broadsword. Had it not been for Angus and Dougal (Connor's Cousins) arriving in time to fend off the killing strike (which would have been a decapitating blow, which his the only way to kill an immortal) of the Kurgan and drive him off, Connor would have died shamed and wasted in a pool of his own entrails. The Kurgan rode off screaming in wild anger, swearing he would finish the job one day, saying "Another Time, MacLeod, Another Time!!!"

Another Immortal by the name of Juan Sanchez (aka Juan Ramirez) arrived five years later seeking out the now totally immortal Connor MacLeod. For he believed Connor to be the last bastion of hope for defeating the Kurgan. The Kurgan eventually caught wind of this Juan Sanchez through gossip and rumors. The Kurgan learned that Juan and Connor were staying at the MacLeod family estate there he sought them both out for battle.

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He arrived at the residence only to discover that Connor was no longer there, However Connor's wife Heather was there along with the protection of Juan. The Kurgan attempted to slay Heather, but Juan intervened. Juan sent Heather away and challenged The Kurgan to a fight. Naturally the Kurgan did refuse, for he lived for battle.

During the fight the immortal Kurgan was nearly killed when Juan barely missed the decapitating blow, how the strike still connected leaving a horrific Gash in the Kurgan's throat it was spewing blood and drastically changing the Kurgans voice. Not to be done in by what the Kurgan considered to be a playful scratch, he impaled Juan declaring boldly "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!" he beheaded him and took his quickening. Heather did not flee as she was told to by Juan, and was noticed by the Kurgan, who for raped her for the sport of it and departed. Connor returned home to find his wife brutalized and his dear friend murdered.

It was not until many years later, in New York City in 1985 that the Kurgan and Connor would meet again. Ironically the place in which the Gathering was to take place. At this time the last six Immortal were the Kurgan (who was now going by the false name of Victor Kruger), Connor MacLeod (now going by "the Highlander"), Sunda Kastagir, Iman Fasil, Osta Vasilek, and Yung Dol Kim. But Osta Vasilek and Iman Fasil would be joining the gathering due to the facts that the Kurgan beheaded Vasilek in New Jersey, and the Highlander decapitated Iman Fasil in the underground parking garage of Madison Square Garden.

The Kurgan also killed Kim and Kastagir to make sure that the only two immortals to be at the Gathering would be himself and "the Highlander". The Kurgan played mind games with "the Highlander" by kidnapping his girlfriend and driving like a wild man down the wrong side of the street, playing chicken with oncoming traffic, scaring the living hell out of her, and angering "the Highlander". He drove all the way to Silver Cup Studios, like this all the while singing like a lunatic.

The Two finally met in battle for the last time, on the New York city rooftops an an abandoned building. The Kurgan had the upper-hand when he easily disarmed his opponent and began toying with him. Not paying attention Connor's girlfriend was able to strike him in the back of the Skull with a lead pipe, which distracted the Kurgan just long enough to allow Connor to regain his sword and go on the offensive, Kurgan ended up getting beheaded for his own lack of composure and this resulted in his death, and Connor taking his quickening and "the Prize".


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