The Kingdom

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    A lost team of African super heroes

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    In the post-Flashpoint DC Universe, Super Heroes only emerged a little over five years prior to the present day. At this time, The Kingdom, a group of seven heroes, rose to prominence on the continent of Africa.


    The Kingdom was created by Batwing writer Judd Winick.

    Team Evolution

    Shortly after ending a revolution and freeing the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Kingdom mysteriously disappeared, until five years later when new Batman Inc. member Batwing, comes across the slain body of Earth Strike amongst other bodies of criminals, in his home city of Tanisha. It is later found that the blood thirsty murderer Massacre had killed Earth Strike, among the other men, but his reasoning, or if he even knew of Earth Strike is unknown.

    Massacre went on to track down Thunder Fall, Dawnfire, and Steelback. Steelback was the only one to survive, and revealed to Batwing the locations of the final three members of the Kingdom: Deity left civilization to apparently live in the wilderness, while Razorwire and Staff are living in Gotham City in the United States.


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