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The sequel to Kingdom Come begins here

The issue begins with a phrase " He deserved heaven, not a prison" and then we are shown Deadman and a very confused Superman. Superman comes to find out that he is dead along with other Supermen from other universes. Magog has gone back through time and was killing a Superman everyday from every universe until the incident in Nebraska with the powers given to him by the Phantom Stranger.

The story then pans to a fight between Superman and Mr. Mxyzptik. Mr. M is talking to Superman when he is hit by a blast that shoots straight through him. Gog has come to another universe and is attempting to kill Superman and succeeds in doing so. Their are 3 other Supermen he kills. One Superman is turned into living Kryptonite.

Meanwhile Rip Hunter has detected the time shifts and goes to investigate.

Kingdom Come Universe

The birth of Diana and Clarks son is felt all around the world. The child name is Jonothan after his adoptive father. Many superheros have come to keep watch over the birth.

The two lovers are looking at their child when clark is hit from behind by a blast of energy it is Magog.

The amazons try to stop Magog from his attack but are the first to fall by him. Magog takes the child as "retribution" and burns a "S" into Supermans chest. He is about finish the job and kill Superman when a green barrier erupts in front of Clark. Green Lantern, Power Girl, Dr. Fate and many other superheros have come to protect the child and his family. He defeats many of the heros before Rip Hunter arrives. He then escapse through time and mutters one phrase before he leaves to the child " You shall be my Gog".

Rip decides that if they are to defeat Magog they need more people. And against his teams advice he brings Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman with him to find these people. The issue ends with the Clarks sitting on their front porch when a nuclear blast detonates.


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