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King Standish was a man who wore a tuxedo, top hat and a domino mask. The King was a wealthy master of disguise so good that he could pretend to be someone else so well that not even people who had known that person for years could detect he was not the genuine article.


The King was created by Gardner Fox in 1940. His first appearance was in Flash Comics #3.

Character Evolution

The King, aka King Standish, spent most of his adventures taking on the appearance of someone else, his only motivation seemed to be for the fun of it. Thought by the law to be a criminal, the King was really working in the underworld to bring it down.

His main adversary was a woman known as The Witch who was as good at disguise as he was, only she actually was up to no good. Eventually the two developed feelings for each other, though never seeing the true face of the other. In 1945, near the End of World War II he helped the Justice Society of America in defeating the Stalker of the Soulless. The whereabouts and further adventures have not been recorded. The King was seen in Starman 66.

Major Story Arcs

Like most of the Golden Age heroes, his adventures didn't have a lot of continuity. Just stories that were contained to one issue

Skills and Abilities

The King didn't have any powers, but he was adept in many skills. He was a competent fighter and used gadgets against his foes. He was also a skilled acrobat.


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