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    A french masterpiece !

    It's one of the best european comics strips I've read in age !
    The caracter isn't a good guy, but he work on cynical edge of survival that lie deep inside of all of us. The beginning of this episode is also the beginning of the end of this story arc, which is compelling, badass and cold, like all the series before.
    I like the way the writer blurr the way between good, bad, into an uneasy grey zone and the struggle for survival.
    It seems to me that the art is very cool,warm color countering the cold of most of the character and stuation.
      The violence in this comic is low, but each time it's coming out, it's very brutal, and unglamorous.
      Most of the european comics strip are now often being influenced by manga, or fantasy which is sometimes a good thing, and most of the time a bad one. This one is one of the best because it remain very old style, but remix it with a new and yet mature tone that is difficult to ind these day.
      The character evolve, move, and I feeled compelled by the fate of each one of them, even the worst of them.
      I've heard these time that it will be adapted in a movie. 'm not sure of the quality, but it definitely deserve the try.
      This is a noir comic strip that won't let you indifferent,but in a very good sense.  

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