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The atomic County

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Seth Cohen in Atomic County goes by the name of The Ironist due to his irony and his terrible jokes; Seth disarms his adversaries with his quick wit. During all the time of the television series he is trying to get a date with Lil’ Miss Vixen (Summer Roberts) but she was dating Demoniac Water Polo player (Zach Stevens), but she breaks up with him in the 11 episode and In the 14 episode Seth is finally kissed by Lil Miss Vixen. 

The o.c.

Seth Ezekiel Cohen lives in Newport Beach. Seth is the son of Sandy Cohen and Kirsten Cohen and he has an adoptive brother (Ryan Atwood). Seth is a big fan of comic books, indie music, anime, and science fiction, particularly Star Wars and the X-men.

Summer Roberts is the love of his live, he lost his virginity with her and he has a boat named The Summer Breeze in honor to her. Those two also have two toy horses (Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles).

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Season 1

 Anna Stern was Seth's first girlfriend, who was his pair on the debutante ball. They started dating after Summer made

clearly that she doesn’t feel anything for him.

They broke up when Seth said that he wanted Summer instead of Anna.

Seth made his proclamation of love to Summer on top of the coffee cart in the school lounge and they started to dating.

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At the end of the first season Seth was feeling depressed after Ryan decided to return to Chino, and he left Newport Beach on a sailboat.

Season 2

He met a girl named Alex Kelly who worked in a club in Newport Beach. She had a tough image, which made Seth believe she was out of his league. But they started to date after he got a job in the same club. The breakup and Alex dumped Seth for Marissa Cooper.

He also fought over Summer with Zach Stevens, his partner who developed with him the comic book called Atomic County. On the Prom night Seth proclaimed his love to Summer in front of all the kids at school.

Season 3

Another girl, Taylor Townsend, develops a crush on Seth but she realizes that he loves Summer and she decides to be just a friend. Seth wasn’t accepted in Brown, and he lied to everyone, except Ryan and Anna, and she helps him get accepted

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into the Rhode Island School of Design so he can stay with Summer.

Season 4

After Summer returned to Newport, Taylor went to live with her and she said that Summer is pregnant and Seth asked Summer to marry him, but he discovered that she wasn’t pregnant and they canceled the engagement. In the final episode Summer returns from her Job at GEORGE company and he and Summer marry.

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