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Apparently invented by a seeming simpleton hunchback named Sim, who just

showed up with him one day and set about laying down some education on a group of what had before been thought unteachable boys in the American West

Over 7 feet tall the Iron Teacher is fantastically strong and durable, along with being able to think and speak on his own, and having a high degree of knowledge in math, English, and the basic sciences the Iron Teacher has the ability to emit twin beams of purple light out of his eyes bright enough to dazzle anyone looking directly at them.

The Iron Teacher first appeared in the 1940s with an abiding program to both teach and protect young people, which was a good thing as during his wanderings he encountered not only a large number of lads badly in need of a good education, but a string of villains, and cads that needed a good thumping, to say nothing of the dinosaurs, saber-tooth tigers and aliens that also came the way of he and his students.

By the 70s the Iron Teacher was still working, but had gone though a redesign and come under the guidance of government special agent Jack Todd.

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