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The Irishman was created by Blackhawks writer Mike Costa.

Current Events

Irishman man was present during the Blackhawks mission to Ayaguz, Karakhstan alongside fellow teammates Lady Blackhawk, Kunoichi and Attila. He then went on a mission to investigate the destruction of the Central Asian-Supermax Meta-Human Facility. When they arrived, they were ambushed by a maned robot named Titus. While trying to confront Titus, his right arm was cut off. Despite the lost of his arm, he lived and is on bed rest alongside Kunoichi.


Despite his name and red hair, Irishman is not from Ireland. He is from Ukraine and has a Russian accent. His parents had international business in the USSR. He got the nickname because his teammates in Spetsnatz were not use to red hair.


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