The Invisibles

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    The Invisible College, a secret organization battling against physical and psychic oppression using time travel, magic, meditation, and physical violence.

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    The Nature of Reality

    Reality in the The Invisibles is like a hologram. What we perceive as the "real world" is actually the overlap of two different dimensions. One healthy dimension, Universe A, is represented by the Invisibles. The other terminally diseased universe, Universe B, is represented by the Archons of the Outer Church.

    The Invisible Army is composed of groups of cells who fight the overbearing oppression of the Outer Church. Each cell's member is assigned a position as either Earth, Fire, Air, Water, or Spirit. Each position has it's own duties and can be changed when necessary. The main cast of The Invisibles is one such cell.

    King Mob and Ragged Robin's Cell

    The Invisibles of 1924

    When King Mob travels back to the "Golden Age of Anarchy", he meets up with some Invisibles from that era:

    Historical Invisibles

    Various real-life people throughout history have also been members:

    American Invisibles

    Division X

    A sort-of "police squad" that investigate paranormal crimes. They are also members of the Invisible College:


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