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Shell-shocked from recent events, Dane quits the Invisibles, causing turbulence within the team. And as the Invisibles' enemies continue plotting their destruction, the story of John-A-Dreams, Dane's predecessor, is revealed.

The issue begins with a flashback to three years ago, in the Philadelphia of 1992. King Mob (with hair!) and Jonn-a-Dreams are investigating a church, searching for the Hand of Glory. King Mob tells John that they should have called in reinforcements, but John feels that there wasn't enough time. The two invisibles walk past a crucified toad, and into a darkened room with a horrible smell. The enter; and KM shines his flashlight on what seems to be a bizarre conglomeration of organic matter. John remarks that it's marvelous; while KM disagrees. He asks his partner if whatever it is, is dead. John tells him that THAT one is. John explains that he thinks that they're just vehicles made from organic stuff to give the user some sort of physical presence. John notices another door behind some blue mushrooms. Despite King Mob's protestations, he opens it. The Invisible's jaws drop when they see...

In the present of 1995, Boy and Lord Fanny are trying to antisept Jack's mutilated finger. Meanwhile, Jack is furious and has had enough of the Invisibles and their shenanigans. King Mob turns from his reminiscing and tells the group that he has a feeling that things may be worse than they thought. Outside, a group of myrmidons approach the windmill. The myrmidon leader tells his men that this is payback for what the Invisibles did to them Soho.

Back inside, King Mob has told the group who he thinks could be responsible for giving the enemy their time travel codes. Jack, however, couldn't care less. KM suspects that their traitor could be John-a-Dreams, who had been taken through a fracture and considered to be dead. Fanny comes to John's defense, but as KM points out; who else could it be? Nobody has paid much attention to Jack's complaining, and he prepares to leave. Ragged Robin tells them that trouble in the form of myrmidons is coming. King Mob decries their strategic position, and decides that their best bet is to try to get to their cars parked outside. Jack smiles...

King Mob reaches for his gun, only to realize that it's missing. Fanny tells him that Jack had it when he tried to shoot Orlando. She asks Jack what he did with it; only to realize that Jack is gone. Boy goes rushing after him, but is too late and can only watch as he goes driving away in King Mob's sportscar. She goes back inside to tell the others. KM slaps his head in frustration and reveals that his car has "explosive" security features. If Jack doesn't enter the passcode, he has about four minutes to live. Ragged Robin senses the myrmidons coming out of the trees. KM forces himself to stop worrying about Jack, and asks anybody if they have any weapons. Unfortunately, all they have is Fanny's lighter. Boy suggests Orlando's pruning shears, laying next to his white coat. This gives King Mob an idea.

Elsewhere, Jack drives King Mob's car at 80 MPH through a myrmidon barricade; causing him to lose control and wreck into a tree.

The myrmidons enter the windmill and call out Orlando's name. One of soldiers admits that he finds Orlando kind of creepy. The myrmidons climb to the top of the windmill, where the Invisibles are collapsed on the floor. Orlando tells the drones that the boy escaped, but none of the others are dead. Suddenly, "Orlando" pulls out a knife and stabs the myrmidon in the stomach. Boy jumps up and disarms a myrmidon, while King Mob(the fake Orlando) takes the fallen myrmidon's firearm and blasts the remaining soldiers. KM tells the Invisibles that's four of the myrmidons down, and he informs the group that now they need smoke. "Lots of it".

Jack crawls out of the wrecked vehicle, and is stopped by a myrmidon holding a gun. Jack raises his arms in surrender, but is saved by the exploding car. The blast kills the soldiers, and knocks Jack into the nearby stream.

A myrmidon comes staggering out of the smoking windmill; telling the others that the Invisibles have used gas. He collapses, and one soldier runs over to help him up. The fallen "myrmidon" pulls out a gun and starts blasting away at his fellow soldiers. The myrmidons are in a state of total confusion as the Invisible's other car drives forward and runs them over.

Meanwhile, Jack is crawling out of the stream, gasping for air. A myrmidon soldier steps in front of him and tells the youth that it's over. Jack pulls out a gun and fires...

King Mob pulls of the myrmidon mask as he joins his teammates in the car. He opens the window and begins shooting while Robin drives. They work their way forward for a bit, until KM spies the burning remains of his sportscar. They get out and search for any signs of Jack, but all they can find are dead soldiers. King Mob makes some morbid jokes, causing Boy to chastise him. After searching for a few minutes they discover Jack's tracks, which seemingly vanish(when he was knocked into the river). King Mob decides they need to call in Mister Six.

As the sun rises, Jack stands over the fallen myrmidon and realizes that he just killed a man. He drops the gun and cries out in anguish.

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