The Invisibles #10

    The Invisibles » The Invisibles #10 - Season Of Ghouls released by DC Comics on July 1995.

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    Guest artist Chris Weston illustrates the first of three one-shot stories introducing other Invisibles operatives and revealing the true scope of the conspiracy. In this issue, agent--and Haitian rapper-Jim Crow confronts voodoo zombies created by a sinister new form of crack.

    Three men are attacking a woman in an alley. The woman knows one of the men and calls him "Danny". Danny talks about all the things you hear when you're dead, and how cold he is. As he and the two other men approach the woman, Danny sticks out his tongue, where there is a scorpion sitting.

    The next morning, the cops are investigating the woman's murder. It turns out that Danny was the woman's brother. Not only that, but he and the other two men died about 30 hours before they killed the woman. One of the cops, Nordau, tells his superior, Lt. Peebles, that the men died of a drug overdose from a new kind of crack that's going around. Nordau tells the other cop that he's going to get drunk, and he can deal with the relatives.

    In a small apartment, a naked old woman performs a voodoo ritual. She calls upon Papa Guedhe, as images of Jimi Hendrix flash across her television screen. Her apartment disappears into mist, as a young black man wearing a top hat appears sitting on a tombstone that was her TV. A talking crow sits on his shoulder. The old woman tells the man that her grandchildren are dead. Somebody cast a spell on Daniel, and caused him to kill his sister. The old woman knows who's behind it and wants vengeance, but the perpetrators are protected by a mystical spiderweb. The man warns the grandmother not to mess with the insect loa, but he'll see what he can do. She thanks him as the mists dissolve back into her apartment.

    Later, the two policemen go to investigate Unitol Pharmaceutials. Nordau thinks that it's a waste of time, but the older, African-American cop Peebles, thinks it's worth checking up on the lead they got from the old woman. The two approach the CEO, Mr. Dollimore, as he tells an employee named Pearson to be ready for tonight. As the cops ask to speak Mr. Dollimore, he smirks sinisterly.

    Jim Crow(the man the old woman called Papa Guedhe) enters cybergnosis by watching images of himself on TV. We learn that he is the frontman for the world's first voodoo rap act, the Root Doctaz. Performing the ritual causes Crow to appear in a cemetery. He lifts up a reflective puddle on the ground, and enters below.

    Peebles and Nordau try to ask Mr. Dollimore some questions, but he blows them off. Lt. Peebles grabs Dollimore's shoulder, causing the CEO to make some racist remarks. The smarmy Dollimore walks away grinning, while Peebles is furious. Nordau tells him to forget about it.

    Jim Crow walks through some apocalyptic landscape full of bones. He watches some winged demons eat each other, and decides it's time to conjure up the magic mirror. A reflective, liquid-like substance seeps out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. Enough flows that soon an amorphous bubble stands before him. Jim Crow walks through.

    That evening, Dollimore and his corporate cronies welcome Pearson to their inner circle. He shocks the newbie by revealing that Stevens has been sleeping with his wife for the past six months while everyone else watches on videotape. Dollimore pulls out a small plastic bag and tells Pearson that it's full of crack cocaine. A special kind of crack which is toxic at normal doses. One the junkies are dead, the crack crystals in their bodies become receivers, which the board members have been controlling to satiate their awful desires. Dollimore puts a pair of goggles on Pearson, as the other members all put theirs on. Dollimore says that it's "time to party".

    In the world of the magic mirror, Jim Crow is attacked by some sort of giant caterpillar. The Invisible pulls out a gun made of bone and blasts it. He continues walking, until he reaches an area where good and bad UFO's battle in slow motion. He calls a good UFO, and drinks from a descended tentacle. The dessicated UFO collapses, and Jim Crow continues with his journey.

    He finally reaches the Scorpion Palace. To make himself more welcome, he transforms into a spider's body. As he enters the Palace, he sees the souls of many young black men trapped in bubbles. Jim Crow recognizes them as dead crackheads. He approaches the lord of the Palace, the giant scorpion Baron Zaraguin. Crow tells the loa that he's going to take the crackheads souls back with him. Baron Zaraguin angrily responds that the souls were given to him, and that he is preparing a fest. The spider-like Crow scoffs at the Baron for being tricked by white men. He tells the Baron that the souls he has received are poor and sick. He pulls out a straw and begins sucking the souls of the men up, and offers the Baron some really powerful souls in trade.

    Elsewhere, the corporate men have taken over the bodies of more dead men. The zombies break down the door of the old woman who had called upon Jim Crow to begin with. The leader pulls out a knife, and they prepare to rape and kill her. Jim Crow suddenly appears behind them, and begins blasting the men with his bone gun; killing them. Crow apologizes to the old woman for blasting one of the men through her window, and pulls out a bubble wand. He blows out the souls he had taken from the Baron and tells the woman to make sure that they get home safely. Meanwhile, he follows the scorpion souls of the board members back to their bodies.

    Dollimore pulls off his goggles, confused as to what's happened. All the other board members are dead, except for Pearson who's throwing up and another man. Jim Crow enters the doorway as a shadowy figure and tells the men that it's payback time.

    Later, Peebles and Nordau return to Unitol based on another tip. A security guard tries to prevent them from entering, but they don't listen. Peebles tells Nordau to stay back as he opens the door. The cop's mouth drops as he sees the dead board members dressed up as blackface minstrels EATING Dollimore. Jim Crow stands above them all playing his banjo. Peebles slowly puts his gun and backs out from the doorway. Nordau asks him what's happening, but Lt. Peebles tells him that they can always come back. In the meantime, he wants a bite to eat...



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