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He lives! He walks! He conquers!

So Invincible Iron Man was a series that I always wanted to read but was never able to because it's really hard to find the right comics here that you want to read. Anyway so instead of picking up each individual issue I finally got the chance to buy the omnibus trade off of eBay, and I have to say this series does not dissapoint. First off if you are a newcomer to the Iron Man comics all together the start of this series is a really good jumping on point and you won't have a hard time understanding all that is going on. This omnibus trade starts with the five nightmares an incredibly compelling story about Tony facing the very thing he is afraid of-- people using his weapons for their own evil purposes-- and we see a new hardened villain bent on destroying everything that Tony stands for and will stop at nothing to see him fall. The five nightmares is an incredibly different story with a villain that you have a good time really hating him, the plot is in no way predictable but very enjoyable to see how things play out. Next we have the well known World's Most Wanted story arc collected in here which follows right after secret invasion and shows the beginning of Dark Reign. So this story is also really enthralling and even more so unpredictable and really shows the beginnig of Norman Osborn's rise to power, we also see that Tony is dethroned from Shield and how he is trying to stop Osborn from getting all of his most important information and how he decides to get rid of it. There is a lot going on in this story arc and sometimes becomes a little hard to follow but Matt Fraction does a great job of stringing it all together and making it work out and make sense in the end. It is also really cool to see the extremely funny and lovely interaction between Pepper and Tony throughout this whole series and really does a great job of showing you Pepper's character which they haven't reallly done before and the journey she goes through is almost as compelling as Tony's but not quite. So all in all this series is one of the best comic series I have ever read and probably works best in this trade format. Matt Fraction does an absolutely brilliant job writing this comic and giving you plenty of reasons to keep reading and at no point does his writing get boring or old hat but stays great the whole time and keeps you enthralled and excited for what happens next. Salvador Larroca the artist on this book also does a great job and really does an excellent job of showing you the complexity and detail of Tony Stark's high-tech suits and sometimes his art tells the story better than the writer does.  I really enjoyed looking at his art with all it's glorious detail and just sheer realistic beuty, Salvador has become one of my favorite artists and his art really shines in this really adds to this great series and I honestly think it wouldn't be the same with any artist and I can tell that Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca have great chemistry and they work brilliantly together. I also have to commend the colorer on this series, Stephanie Peru, who also does a great job. I highly recommend this series to you and if you can pick it up in this Omnibus trade which also gives you extra stuff and it's just great having this in trade format, anyway it's easy to follow if you haven't really been reading all the other Iron Man series, the writing is great by Matt Fraction and the art is stunning and beutiful by Salvador Larroca. I can't recommend this more, I give this a five out of five. If you saw Iron Man 2 and can't get enough of Iron Man then definitely pick this up. Thanks for reading.

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